How Much Money does a Professional Speaker Make?

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I’ve always enjoyed public speaking ever since I was a little kid it has always been easy and fun to talk to people. It’s my time because I need to make more money, I have the ability but I really don’t know how to get started and what a public speaker is supposed to talk about. I won numerous awards while in Toastmasters and have been a performing audience participation comedy magician for the last thirty years, but have never come close to getting the checks you have, I want some like those.

Tim, as I mentioned in our brief FB Messenger chat, I’m transitioning from full time work to part time, retirement projects. During my 35 years as a safety professional, I would often lead workshops and serve as a keynote at industry conferences…but always for free. During that time, I’d watch the paid speakers and fully realized that I too, could be doing what they do and in some cases, better. Not always, but it was not uncommon for conference attendees provide very positive feedback and note their preference to my message(s) and style.

Beginning in May, 2018 I will be embarking on this journey that I’ve always wanted to take. FWIW, I’ve already got workshop, training and speaking gigs lined up, but I need to understand how to keep up the momentum and expand beyond my relatively small circle of influence.

I’ve identified three silos for my new business and public speaking is certainly one of them. I am excited to learn more and apply the good stuff I know I will learn/glean/steal from you.

Cheers, Tim. And thank you. The timing could not be more perfect.

Thanks for that inspiring video, Tim!

It’s my time because really, it’s EVERYONE’s time right now.

With technology and globalisation bringing us closer, it’s never been easier to share a passion with a global audience.

However, our minds are still running out-dated, self-limiting software and as the world’s only MoMentalist (Motivational Mentalist), I need to stop being so selfish by playing small and help others build MoMentum and Motivation by sharing my message with them.

Thanks Tim!

This Is Your MoMent…

Started as a magician in the 70’s. Then I went to divinity school to be a minister. My love of performing and personal development has positioned me to a professional speaker.

It is a fascinating opportunity to twin mentalism with keynote…to use the things I know to teach…and to maximize these next five earning years before I retire. I love travel, entertaining and performing. It’s a delightful combination.

I have a powerful message, I have the ability to change lives in a positive way, I have the confidence and I have the voice. I want to travel, I want to teach and present information that will benefit others. I was born for this. I just need to hone my skills and get paid for the knowledge I have gained that I know is valuable. I am grateful for your willingness to share and that you have been generous in giving so much great info already Tim. Thank you.

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    BOOM! Well said, Zoop.

1. I want to expand my voice sharing positive psychology because it is life-changing for schools, businesses, and all individuals.
2. I want to make more money.

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    Andy….LOVE this answer. Impact and income (which leads to more impact). That’s what it’s all about.

Ready to take my speaking to the next level.

I’d like to have a positive impact on others.

I was hoping to finish watching but didn’t realize you are using east coast time

Laid off and now I have no excuse to move into speaking. When I have spoken I enjoy the impact on people

After 50 years in Magic touring the world, 40 of which were and still are for Corporate Events, It’s time to share the knowledge I have gained.

So, what’s wrong with being a professional magician :) Really enjoyed the podcast and can’t wait to watch more!

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    Nothing! I’m a firm believer in the power and importance of entertainment. I only wish my clients valued it as much as I did back when I was a pro magician! The corporate market views magic as a novelty while speaking is a necessity. Both are viable. It’s really a lifestyle choice.

your videos are so entertaining and encouraging

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    Thanks, Paul! Glad you’re enjoying them so far.

I am the main speaker and presenter for the Sheriff’s Office now. I want to get paid for what I do for free. I’m a magician and use magic in my talks. I know I can be marketable and start getting paid as a sort after speaker. Looking forward to the next video. Thanks Tim!

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Just watched “opportunity” and “Whole Story”. Looks like I have two to go. I have always fancied myself as a public speaker. I have entertained on a very small scale with vent, magic, singing and humorous “bits” and have been well received and mostly for little or no money. I have been a dentist for income. I can see myself doing speaking if I can come up with a salable product. I will see if the last two videos give me information I need

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    Good luck, Bud D!

I am a professional entertainer for children and families using magic and comedy and have been performing for over 30 years. I have always wanted to hit the speaking market with a few topics that would be very interesting and motivating to others. Looking forward to your help.

My time because I am now 75 years of age and if not now then it will be never. There is nothing that gives me greater pleasure than having something meaningful to say in front of an audience, by something meaning full I mean enlightening, entertaining, useful.

It’s my time, because I love public speaking, don’t hate the money and I have a small but growing family I want to give the best things in life.

It is my time to do this because of the difference and impact I can make in the lives of someone else. I am a double handicapped person being deaf and also suffering from an acute anxiety disorder. I know what is was like to be bullied or have someone see me as someone who i am not. To look right past me. I also know that I have overcome so much and by overcoming a TON, I have learned the power of positive thinking, goal-setting and achieving success that YOU can directly aim for. This is not just something I want to do. This is something I HAVE to do. To make a difference to anyone and to help folks achieve goals, seek dreams,, build self-esteem, or simple empowerment not only helps THEM, but helps me as well.