How Much Money does a Professional Speaker Make?

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Wonderful stuff and I thank you so much for putting this information out there.

It is my time because I have a topic that can improve the quality of life for others. Improve business relationships. Once learned can be shared amongst others such as family and friends to exponetially give more value to what they pay to learn from me.

Now is my time to start public speaking because I love it and I was put on this planet to inspire and empower. I want to be an educational speaker who speaks to vocational students about the importance of developing a skill set and leadership skills and also encourage and empower teachers that they are magic and will have a life long impact on students they encourage and support. I am ready for this!

I think I would make a good motivational speaker because I survived a very serious accident!

I didn’t realize the videos were across the top. “How much Money does a Professional Speaker Make?” was the 1st emailed video that I saw. Now I don’t know if I’m going to have time to watch all of them before midnight.

Tim, Good video! I remember you from your ‘magician days’. I think I even bought stuff from you. It’s great to see your success. For me, maybe it is MY TIME. I’ve been performing for 40 years and have tried to balance a 40-hour/week job with doing shows (currently mentalism shows) and although the few audiences that have seen my show rave about it, I hardly get any bookings. Maybe 2 -3 per year. It is extremely frustrating. Years ago, I was gun-ho to a a motivational speaker but it fell flat because I didn’t know what to talk about or where to start. Please keep the videos coming. At 58, I want the money & flexibility to earn $25-40K. But maybe I’m too late.

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    Thanks Mark! It’s not too late until midnight tonight. Then it’s too late. :)

    Mark, what do you mean when you say “keep the videos coming”? You can see all the other videos, right? There should be a total of 5 videos on this page.

    This is the second comment that has me concerned that people aren’t seeing the other videos.

I hope I can get in on all of this. One-day stands and no internet make it hard to keep up! I still want to be a speaker…more opportunities to help people and provide better for my family.

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    Hey Pat! I vividly remember our strategy session. I’m not sure what you mean by “hope to get in on all of this”. The doors are open…come on in! There are links to the other free videos (as well as the program itself) at the top of this page and to the right of these comments.

I love to be entertaining AND be able to either teach or have informative figure to others. I have a limited experience in entertaining as a stage hypnotist and a hypnotherapist. I also have worked construction for 47 year with being self employed since 1978.

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    Thanks for your comment, Thomas! Welcome to my little corner of the world.

Ray Thompson

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    Hey Ray! Fancy seeing you here.

Put me on the waiting list then please.

I emailed you my lengthy reason @

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    Thanks for participating in the video series, Chad. I hope you’re enjoying it. I did get your email and I appreciate your generous offer. Unfortunately my coaching program is 100% full and there is a waiting list of about 5 months. I simply don’t have the bandwidth to take anyone else on right now.

I’ve been of a fan of yours for years. Originally, from Scituate, MA, now living in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia for over 20 years, I’ve been a professional Magician performing for 9 years and believe that I could better serve people by speaking. The challenges that I have always faced is, not having something to say(I actually have a great program that I purchased from Dave Dee years ago), but rather getting my foot in the door so that I can get paid enough to do it as a career. What you’re describing is what I would really love to do…there it is!! :^)

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    Eddie! Thanks for your ongoing support. Video 3 is going to help you find your core message. I actually just posted it. Go take a look and let me know what you think!

Lifestyle ….. six young children and working in remote locations away from family for lengthy periods and the desire to perform and be an agent for change and entertain are my drivers.

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    Thanks Stephen! Good answer!

travel the world and money but i still love magic witch i know you can incorporate!

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    True, you SHOULD incorporate any kind of entertainment that you can. There’s nothing worse than a BORING speaker and magic will make you stand out.

Just watched the video and it is “MY TIME” now. I just sat around thinking and have not translated it to action. Now is my time to just do it! I feel I have a lot to share that can benefit teachers and there in turn their students. Look forward to your comments Tim.
Paul Hilko

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    Hi Paul! It sounds to me like you’ve got all the pieces in place, but you’re looking for someone to come along and give you “permission”. Age is not a factor unless you let it become one. Your niche topic is worthy. Your experience is sufficient. Consider yourself permitted! Ball’s in your court now as far as what you’ll DO with it.

After posting, I thought for a second and have my opening remarks. It starts with the arm twist and my dollar for dollar presentation. That is a great warm up for any audience and gets them involved in the presentation fight from the start!.
Paul Hilko

I taught at a proprietary school and retired 11 years ago. I have a lot to share with teachers on how to be more effective in the classroom. I believe that I can contribute to education. One of the most powerful presentations that I have ever given focuses on the word attitude. I have been doing it for 25 years. Couple this with my classroom methods, I believe that I can help teachers get the desired results in the classroom. the desired result is to get children and young adults to WANT to be in that class and to learn.
I am also a magician and find that teaching is not telling. Teaching is by involving each and every student in the process of learning.
My problem is how don i market what I can contribute? I am 75 years old and still active. My speaking abilities are excellent and am an Orthodox clergyman so speaking is a strong point. I have studied Public Speaking since high school and into my college years. These were some of the highest grades I earned. What ever you can do to help me get out and share my message, I would greatly appreciate it.
Paul M. Hilko Fr.Dn. Paul Hilko

Hi Tim-I AM doing this for several reasons. 1) I have had the experience of helping people through communication, and when I’ve had those experiences, it felt like I was experiencing my destiny as a person. 2) I enjoy speaking, and find that communication with others is like “play” for me, when it’s working. 3) I love the idea of speaking and at the same time providing an actual value to an audience. 4) As a magician/juggler, I’ve been in front of people quite a bit, and while I used to have BAD stage fright, I am now usually comfortable in front of an audience. 5) Good speakers have changed my life for the better. I want to what what it takes to become LIKE THEM.

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    “Destiny”. That’s big stuff, right there. Steve, these FIVE reasons (count ’em…FIVE!) are why you will be successful in this new venture. The rest is just details.

I am passionate about the subject I talk about and enjoy inspiring others through my talks. Sorry about the error below – that was me being too enthusiastic, haha!

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    Enthusiasm is what holds this whole thing together! I only wish it were enough… Great answer, Shelley!


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    For a second, I thought this was a really profound answer to the question, “Why speak?” I thought, "Here’s a guy who really loves his wife (or his daughter, or his mother…) lol!