How Much Money does a Professional Speaker Make?

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I love people. I love helping them, and would love to deliver meaningful and helpful information to others. I love speaking publicly – I just really enjoy it.

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    Good answer! You’ve GOT to enjoy what you do. Life is just too short.

I have been speaking and presenting in schools, community groups, companies for around 20 years, I really get a kick out of seeing people get the message and now would be a great time to make a living full time from this passion.

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    Agreed! I think 20 years is plenty long enough to wait to make the jump from “hobby” to “business”.

It’s the impact on others and travel for me

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    Excellent! Speaking can definitely provide that. Thanks for taking the action step, Dave!

After 20 years as a magician, I think public speaking would be a fun logical option

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    Yup. As you know Glen, many of my private clients are magicians. It’s true that magic is a great proving ground for speaking. Many of the same skills apply to both. Enjoy the rest of the videos!

I have be speaking in schools and to business professionals for more than a decade and I am always looking for ways to improve my presentations and the way I get and deliver my speaking gigs. I really appreciate that you are willing to share your knowledge on the topic. That is the mark of a true professional. I look forward to your next video.

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    This video series is all about getting gigs. Funny thing though, when you’re doing more gigs, your presentation skills go through the roof, would you agree?

This is inspiring. I’ve always felt comfortable speaking to people and am told I’m a good communicator. I struggle with the same things that you outlined. I don’t feel accomplished enough to be a speaker. I can’t see being in enough demand to be paid. I’m not sure what I’ve got to share that people would find compelling. I look forward to the future segments.

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    Thanks Chris! I appreciate you sharing your struggles. I’ll do my best to address these in video #3. For now, just know that ANYONE can do this. The fact that other people have told you that you’re a good communicator gives you a head start.