The 8 Steps to Speaking Success

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Very well done. I have thought about doing this for years and I believe it’s all coming to a head now. Trying to focus on my message. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Hi Tim, thanks again for another informative video. As you have kindly offered advice, it would be great to hear more about this “low hanging fruit”. Can you give us all a few simple examples?

Thanks in advance

Perfect message and perfect timing. My new site will be done the end of May and then I will take action. I am on step #4.

Is it fair to say that “Performance Platform” and “Authority” are somewhat linked? I am not sure I completely understand…but my sense is that both reference why the client is coming to YOU. Obviously in Authority, they are more specifically coming to you…

Is it fair to say that “Performance Platform” and “Authority” are somewhat linked? I am not sure I completely understand…but my sense is that both reference why the client is coming to YOU. Obviously in Authority, they are more specifically coming to you…

Is it fair to say that “Performance Platform” and “Authority” are somewhat linked? I am not sure I completely understand…but my sense is that both reference why the client is coming to YOU. Obviously in Authority, they are more specifically coming to you…

How did you go about finding a consultant that worked with you about how you looked on stage?

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    Great question, Al. I researched image consultants and picked one who I felt would be a fit. Her name is Emmi Sorokin and she’s fantastic.

I’m looking forward to transitioning from Magician to Speaker! My problem is fine tuning my focus on what I want to talk about. I of course talk about safety from a law enforcement aspect. I talk to students about bullying. I talk to organizations about team building exercises. I need to make some decisions.

  • Maybe it’s more important for you to decide what NOT to talk about! You’ve got tons of options. Pick one and kill it. You can always add more topics later.

Visual and direct.

  • Thanks, Lance!

Hi Tim,
Great video, very clear and concise. I am excited to begin my journey.
I have a story to tell as we all do.
A success story if you will that will (Hopefully) Motivate others.
i am a working magician as well as have a full time job.
Finding the TIME to do all this is my challenge…
I think for me the first step is to write my story, or speech as you put it.
I have lots of flight time as a performer of magic, so going down this “other” road is new and exciting.
How do, or where do I find the information to write my speech!?
thank you for the great information already!
Tim Flynn

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    Below video #3 I will post a link to my speech writing formula. It’ll be under the word “BONUS”.

Only thing I can come up with that I could consider myself an expert on is the so called arcane arts. Palmistry, tarot, graphology, numerology, astrology, I-Ching, that sort of thing. Been performing as a “psychic” at events for over 30 years. I’m also a professional magician, performing member of the Magic Castle but magicians are a dime a dozen here in L. A. Any ideas on my dilemma?

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    Video #3 will explain something that I call “expertise by association”. I think that will answer your question!

What are the methods you use to build a platform magnet?

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    Great question. Although before I go off on a long-winded answer…what exactly do you mean? Are you interested in creating the magnet itself (ebook, audio, etc.) or are you more interested in techniques to build the list?

I know you can’t list all the different parts of your system, but can you say a little bit more of where they exist? I assume some are in your speech, but can you list some of the other categories? Are you talking about phone scripts, info forms on your site, things like that? Are there other areas you systemize that I’m not mentioning?

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    Hey Jamie, here’s the breakdown: Before the date, on the date (which is broken down further to “upon arrival,” “while speaking,” and “after the talk”), and after the date.

    The “system” referenced in step 5 is ALL about leveraging gigs (even free ones) into more paid gigs either repeat, referral, or otherwise. Some parts of the system are as simple as sending handwritten thank you notes or strategic reminder emails, and some parts are a little more crafty. (You’re right, I can’t talk about those here…)

    And of course there are other business systems such as how to handle incoming inquiries, sending contracts, etc. But the real goal of step 5 is to systematically turn any and all stage time into more money down the road. Most speakers settle for a gig and a check, then they start looking for the next gig. Step 5 will make you better than that. You’ll have clients, not just customers.

  • Tim, thanks for the clarification. Leveraging existing gigs, including simple things like connecting the dots for the audience mid speech (per your example) is so smart. And obviously applies to all types of performances, and is something I don’t apply as much as I should in my current business as a magician. I appreciate the simple framing (“systematically turn any and all stage time into more money down the road”) as if I apply a little brain power I could certainly come up with strategies on my own that can accomplish that. Obviously your system has already been created and has become more fully developed over time than what I’ll come up with in my office in an afternoon, but the idea itself inspires strategies on its own. Thanks so much!

Great Video Tim, lots of good information, a couple of questions;
step1 pick one topic – how do we handle say repeat clients who ask for a topic change and provide a topic or two that they are wanting presented? do you pass it up and refer on or do you re work existing speech? like to hear your thoughts.

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    Great question, Rick! I do multiple speeches for repeat clients, but they’re all under the same topic umbrella. People don’t ask me to do different topics, they ask me to apply my topic to different areas.

    So, you can have multiple SPEECHES…but I recommend just one topic.

    And yes, if someone asked me to do a program on change management (not my topic) I’d refer them to someone else. Don’t put yourself in a position to fail.

I think my challenge is developing the credibility to become the “Platform Magnet”. I can see where going after the LHF is a good starting point. That can establish your reputation…but the whole “free show” thing…ugh! :^)

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    Speaking is indeed about serving. I believe happiness in work is doing something that you would be willing to do for free. I STILL speak for free on occasion because I believe in my message and enjoy speaking so much. I’m a BIG believer in giving and helping other people get what they want. (cough free video series cough) What did Dave Dee say? “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.”

    All that said, you don’t have to do any free gigs if you don’t want to. There’s plenty of LHF that pays.

    Regarding your credibility….go watch video 3. I’ve got 20 ideas for you. It’s live now.

Because of Step 6, it seems to me that “becoming a speaking success” is probably not a part-time vocation (a “multiple streams of income” add-on to one’s current career) but a singularly focused all-or-nothing livelihood. Your thoughts?

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    Thanks for your thoughtful question, Geoff! There are certainly people out there who view speaking as a side gig and only do about 1-5 engagements per year. I guess it all depends on each person’s definition of “speaking success”. The income starts coming in at step 4, so you may want to stick with steps 4 and 5 and keep speaking as a part-time thing. Totally doable. Also to consider: speaking in the corporate world for high fees is only ONE business model. There are several to choose from and many of them part-time.

Hi Tim. I just got the link to this 2nd video from Dean’s FB group. How do we get access to the next video(s)? - Just in case Dean “forgets” or gets too busy to post it in his group.

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    Everything will be right here at

Hi Tim-Thanks for the great info! In your experience, either as speaker or coach, do you find that there in any one of the particular steps that you’ve outlined, in which people tend to get stuck, or stop the path altogether?
Steve Koehler

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    GREAT question, Steve! As a speaker, I get stuck when I get lazy. Success sometimes makes me lazy. I started having some significant success at step five, so I kind of dropped the ball with step 6. I also get stuck whenever I try to skip steps. See, I had to figure this stuff out on my own so early on, I wasted a lot of time going after step 7 when I didn’t have step 1 fully figured out.

    As a coach, I find that where people get stuck depends on their own bad habits, risk aversion, or lack of motivation. Success can make my students lazy too. :)

    But after doing over 100 strategy sessions and personally speaking with aspiring speakers of all skill levels and varieties…I think the biggest hurdle for most is step one. People simply don’t know how/where to start. Choosing a niche and a topic is very hard for most people. They have a hard time cutting off all other options (even temporarily) to focus on one. It feels limiting to them, when in reality, focusing it is the BEST thing to do.

    Another difficulty for some people is step 6. There’s no way around it, legitimizing yourself costs money. No matter how much people are making from their LHF gigs, they still sometimes struggle with re-investing in themselves. They try to cut corners, save a little money, and they end up making zero progress.

I have just discovered your information on-line. Do you have a course, book, or printed material available?

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    Nice to meet you, John. I’m curious how you found me? I’ve only shared these videos so far with a relatively small group of select friends. In any case, welcome!

    I’m aware that the “what is Tim selling” question is definitely an elephant in the room. Nothing available yet, but I’ll be briefly hinting at something VERY exciting in the next video.

Did you get that comment??

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    Yup. :)