The 8 Steps to Speaking Success

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Sounds great! Just not sure of what you mean by a Platform Magnet. Is it fans on social media? -Thanks! -Dennis

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    Seems like questions about step 3 are a bit of a recurring theme here. I’ll have to clarify a bit in the next video. Social media fans can be part of your platform, though I’d much prefer an email list. Social media can be VERY unresponsive. Give me 10,000 email addresses over 100,000 Twitter followers any day of the week.

Enjoyed this video Tim – very helpful thanks!. Been speaking for years at various venues but stuck at #3 Platform Magnet I think. My talks are specialist subject and although fun, informative and educational, most of it’s charity or low paid gigs so I’m not making much in the way of money at all. Any help would be most welcome!

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    I’m all for free/cheap gigs (LHF) IF you’re using them to build your platform. Sounds like you need to find a way to capture more email addresses?

I’m a stop one guy…. need to get started.We talked awhile back please send info again dave@Dave

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    Hey Dave! I think a lot of people are in the same boat. I’ll be sure to include something about that in the next video. Regarding the info I sent, that particular program is full and the waiting list is now over 5 months long. However, even though the doors are closed on that, I’ve got something else that I’m working on that might be helpful for you. I’ll keep you posted.

Hey Tim, I am curious about step three. You mentioned on the phone that it was getting people who want to learn and want to learn from me. I’m wondering 1) Where I find these people and 2) what am I supposed to do with them – do I put them in a list? Email them weekly? What is the magnet part of platform magnet? Is the step finding a platform, of finding ways to attract a platform? Can you expand on this?

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    Platform building never stops. Step three is just about getting a “bucket” ready to hold the “water” that you will be forever pouring in. Most people either have holes in their bucket, or don’t even have a bucket! Okay, on to your questions…

    1) Typically, they find you through your content (books, blogs, speeches, etc.) and outreach (advertising, direct mail, etc.)
    2) Serve them! For me, it’s a weekly email and blog post. But I also create videos, articles, ebooks, and sometimes even clever social media content. Don’t ignore them, but also don’t relentlessly pitch them. Stay in front of them by being helpful.
    3) The “magnet” is the tool/system that attracts people to you. For example, it could be a squeeze page with an opt-in bribe. Again, step three is just about setting this up. Steps four and five are about filling it with people.

Nice job Tim, after being away from the business for a while (except for continued repeat clients) I am looking to re-enter the speaking world. What has changed and what hasn’t since the Dave Dee “Success Magic” days?

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    Hey Rick!!! Great question. Obviously LOTS has changed. Possibly the biggest change is the focus on hiring people who are positioned as “experts” rather than as “speakers”. Another change is many of the barriers to entry have been removed. Also, technology has increased, so speaking is more of a “conversation” than a “dictation” – and online learning has blossomed.

    Here’s what HASN’T changed…

    Success in this industry still relies on grit, determination, and a proper mindset. The best marketer still gets the gig, not necessarily the best speaker. AND last, but certainly not least, speaking is still listed among the highest paid service-based activities.