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I want talk about the importance of budget and saving for kids about to graduate high school. Wish I would have this taught to me :)

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    Excellent! There’s lots of opportunity out there for financial management speakers!

Tim, I still haven’t got my head round what you mean by a “platform magnet”. Could you elaborate, please?

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    It’s something that attracts people to you. It might be a website that offers a free ebook that you mention from the stage. They give you their email address, you give them the ebook. The ebook is the “magnet” that gets people into your “platform”.

    Again, your platform is a group of people who want to learn from you. In the old days, your platform was simply your mailing list. But technology has changed how people connect. Now it’s email subscribers, Twitter followers, blog readers, newsletter subscribers, YouTube subscribers, etc. etc. etc.

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    Obviously, the bigger your platform, the more people you reach, the more in-demand you are, the more you can charge. Also, with a platform, you can create products that you KNOW people will buy, you can conduct joint ventures with big players in the industry, you can go and get book deals or television contracts, bureaus will be interested in representing you, and on and on. That’s why for me, speaking is just a vehicle to build my platform. It took me a while to figure that out. It also took me a while to figure out how to create platform magnets that people actually WANT and then, how to go about promoting them, and also how to make sure people don’t leave once they join my list.

    Here’s what I know about Step 3…you’ll need at least one platform magnet that works.

Hey Tim, thanks again. Lets say I get the speech and start building a platform of people and going for the low hanging fruit (perhaps a few free gigs even). When I start charging, how much do I start charging? More importantly how do I learn where to start? I am targeting the corporate arena (small business) as well as considering schools. and ballpark figures for amount to ask for in the first opportunities?

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    Ah, the old how much do I charge question…There are a lot of ways to approach this answer, but I’ll keep it simple. $1000 is a good “ballpark” figure for your first paid speech. Anything less than that, and most bookers won’t take you seriously. Schools are another animal but I still wouldn’t go less than $500 for a school.

    KEEP IN MIND: The numbers I just gave you are virtually meaningless. I don’t know what type of program you’re offering (keynote, breakout, training, etc.) I don’t know the venue, and I don’t know any of the circumstances (local, travel, # of people, etc.)

    When setting fees, I usually start by asking myself…how much do I want to make? Then I reverse engineer it from there.